Psychic Abilities | The Awesome Power of Relaxation

Interested in Developing your Psychic Abilities?


It can be really easy to develop your psychic abilities. All you have to do is not try too hard.

Have you noticed that you dream at night when you are asleep and fairly relaxed? Psychic abilties are a waking dream.Your “ability to be psychic” is literally, your ability to relax, to receive guidance.

Noelani Rodriguez has psychic training that talks about this awesome power to relax. She offered these reasons why relaxation is so important to psychic abilities:

  • Alkaline vs. Acid – When you are stressed you produce acid in your system (like adrenaline, made of amino acid). When you use your muscles you produce lactic acid. How about when you dream and see images at night? Your system is more alkaline. Have you heard of hallucinatory sacred medicines like peyote and ayahuasca? These are alkaline compounds. When you are working with psychic abilities it helps if your body is relaxed, and alkaline.
  • A Relaxed State – Let’s suppose you have a friend ask you a question, and you want to work with your psychic abilities to divine the answer. You would probably close your eyes, after saying your favorite invocation, and see if you can sense words or images; going on an inner journey. This works best when you are sitting and feeling relatively well and whole. Imagine sitting with a cup of tea, in your favorite chair, in a sweet and relaxed state. This is the best way to feel to do readings. Then again, this is the best way to feel in general.

Try and feel the “pulse” of aliveness inside you, and think of what it would be like to feel your most relaxed.

In that state, practice some of the other intuition exercises on this site.

When practicing intuition, don’t forget to grab a cup of tea and relax.

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