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How to Be Psychic | 3 Ways

Twenty years ago if you wanted to learn to be psychic, it was thought that you had to be born that way, or have a “gift bestowe to you” of psychic ability. Most people don’t know that many celebrity psychics didn’t start out that way:

Medical Intuition | Learn Medical Intuition

Everyone is intuitive, and with some practice and dedication you can be a Medical Intuitive; if not for a profession, perhaps practicing with family and friends. Medical Intuition | Look for Emotional Sources for Healing Sometimes someone already know what’s wrong with their health, and

1-Minute Intuition Exercise

Here’s a short and sweet exercise for intuition. Close your eyes and think of a person you want to ask a question about, for example, “How is Maria?” Place the person you’re thinking about in your mind’s eye, picturing them behind your forehead. Picture them

What is a Psychic Reading? Psychic Reading Definition

What is a Psychic Reading? As a Psychic in Portland I was surprised to find out that there are 400,000 people typing “what is a psychic reading” in a month into the search engines. There’s a similar number typing “what is intuition.” Let’s take a

How to Raise Your Frequency Instantly | Psychic Skills

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic and Guest Author here that does email psychic readings, and Psychic Training. She makes the seemingly outrageous claim that you can raise your frequency instantly. Many people are looking to raise their frequency nowadays–there are many reasons to be in

How to Be Psychic | 3 Ways


Twenty years ago if you wanted to learn to be psychic, it was thought that you had to be born that way, or have a “gift bestowe to you” of psychic ability.

Most people don’t know that many celebrity psychics didn’t start out that way: celebrity Psychic Sylvia Browne didn’t become a Psychic until the age of 50.

These days people are starting to understand that they are psychic themselves. But how do you do psychic readings like Sylvia Browne, or bend spoons with your mind like famous Psychic Uri Geller?

Here are 3 ways to develop your psychic abilities:

  1. “Unlearn” instead of Learn: instead of learning how to be psychic, unlearn that you have to do anything to become psychic. You are psychic all the time, like when you know the phone is ringing with a certain person calling, or when you “have a hunch” you should go someplace.
  2. Find the spiritual path: most religions believe that psychic powers come as a “side benefit” to having a spiritual path. The yogic tradition talks about the “siddhis” or powers that come with practice. The Bible talks about gifts of prophecy or gifts of healing. The more you work with your Higher Power, the more abilities you will have.
  3. Don’t try, just ask. Most people think you have to “work hard” to become a psychic reader but you don’t. You just have to ask. If you are open and are asking for spiritual messages you will get them. Most Psychics agree, when you are working with psychic readings, you are not working “alone.” Whoever you believe is on the other side helping, whether it is the Creator, or a helpful spirit guide like an Angel, get them to do the work. You don’t have to “try,” just ask to receive info from them.

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Source: http://www.noelanirodriguez.com

Medical Intuition | Learn Medical Intuition


Everyone is intuitive, and with some practice and dedication you can be a Medical Intuitive; if not for a profession, perhaps practicing with family and friends.

Medical Intuition | Look for Emotional Sources for Healing

Sometimes someone already know what’s wrong with their health, and just want guidance on what comes next. Many times you can get intuition on what might be up for “emotional clearing,” rather than a strict medical observation.

A valued colleague once told me she had a distended ovary, something that after four years she was concerned might rupture and burst. By looking at her chakras and expecting a miracle, we started out with my chakra reading, which saw a wedding ring in her ovary. She made the connection that both her mother and grandmother had left the man they loved for another man that offered security. Both the mother and grandmother had had a right ovary that burst. My colleague made the connection that unlike her female relatives, she didn’t have to marry the wrong guy.

I felt a warm rushing river between my right ovary and my left–she told me she felt that her right ovary was releasing its extra fluid. Right there a healing took place. This is medical intuition work. I am a Psychic Reader and have been trained in Medical Intuitive work, but it is quite a specialty, and I consider myself more of a “generalist.” I work with the chakras and specialize in emotional healing for health.

Medical Intuitives that scan for health conditions are amazing resources. The Medical Intuitive that works professionally has quite a calling. There are only a few hundred Medical Intuitives in the United States. My Medical Intuitive trainer’s name is Cimi. Cimi had a partner of 10 years that taught with Drunvalo Melchizedek, a well known Speaker and Author in the Intuitive Arts.

Cimi’s training showed me how to work with Archangels. When she gave me an assignment in her Medical Intuition training I balked–she wanted students to read about a woman with 3rd stage breast cancer. How could I do this for a living? I got true respect for Medical Intuitives then. I thought if you are wrong, you can influence someone the wrong way. If you are right, you might have “bad news.”

Professional Medical Intuitives work with extreme health conditions and hold space for those going through profound change. I decided I enjoy reading through the “chakras,” energy centers that are part of yoga physiology and that hold emotional meanings to health conditions. Reading through the chakras lets me focus on the emotional layers of health conditions, a lot of times that’s all you need to heal.

How to Develop Your Intuition for Medical Intuitive Work

You can decide what interest you most. Here are three ways that you can work with medical intuition:

1) Learn to scan the chakras of a person’s body. You might have someone lie down and with hovering hands, scan each chakra for its energy. You can look up the meanings of the chakras online–the first is about physical safety, belonging to family and tribe, and early childhood needs. The second chakra is about relationships and emotional needs, etc. Scan the chakras and see if the energy doesn’t start to tell a story. It usually will.

2) Scan the body from the top of the head down with your eyes and hands. See if you can sense energy in the body, places where there may be messages. At first, you may only pick up areas of light or dark, vibrant or dull. Eventually you can get specific message, like “your lungs feel to me like they have some fluid in them.” See what your “client” says, if they resonate with what you sense.

3) Use archangels to create a space for the person’s energy body. After an opening ritual, where perhaps Archangel Michael might clear a space with his sword, see a person’s energy body lying down in front of you. You might lift them up to the edge of the Universe to feel more energy than matter and pick up subtle messages (an ancient intuitive technique). See what you pick up about a person’s condition. With time and practice you’d be surprised about what you pick up.

Want someone that specializes in Medical Intuition? Try Francesca Fleming, or Cimi. Noelani Rodriguez is a contributor to HowToBePsychic.Org, a blog resource on How to be Psychic. She does Psychic Readings in Portland and on the phone globally. She also is a traveling Spiritual Blogger.

1-Minute Intuition Exercise


Here’s a short and sweet exercise for intuition.

  1. Close your eyes and think of a person you want to ask a question about, for example, “How is Maria?”
  2. Place the person you’re thinking about in your mind’s eye, picturing them behind your forehead.
  3. Picture them surrounded with light.
  4. Watch any impressions you get from the light.

You might be surprised what you see, like impressions that someone is full of love, or that they need to study more for school.

Try this and see how it works.

What is a Psychic Reading? Psychic Reading Definition

What is a Psychic Reading?


As a Psychic in Portland I was surprised to find out that there are 400,000 people typing “what is a psychic reading” in a month into the search engines. There’s a similar number typing “what is intuition.”

Let’s take a look at this “hard to describe” but worthwhile idea.

In many periods of history there have been people that were intuitive and spiritual for a community. The Africans had priestesses. The Europeans had midwives. In Christian and Islamic history there are prophets, both male and female. Around the world there are Shaman, male and female.

So here’s the thing, no matter what religion or what time period there are people that are intuitive, that have a spiritual role in the community.

Now, depending on religious or political prejudice, the society at large sometimes makes fun of these people. For instance, in Europe in the Middle Ages, the medicinal healers of the time were midwives. They were usually women. They were the community “psychics;” they had great intuitive powers and could tell you what your baby was going to be when it grew up.

When the sugar trade came, these women got ostracized and eventually there was a “witch hunt.” The sugar trade didn’t like what these women were saying, that sugar was bad for you. Neither did the official “medical industry.”

But no matter what time period and what religion, there are women (often women) that take a spiritual role. Psychics are this today, even though the American society at large likes to depict them as “charlatan.” Remember that each society is different–for instance in Russia 80% of the people have been to a tea leaf reader and they love their psychics–they’ve even voted Psychics into public office.

What the word Psychic means | Psychic Definition

The word Psychic stems from the Greek word Psyche. It is related to the concepts of “soul” and also “wind,” in other words the wind that blows through the body and gives it life–the “breath of life.”

Most spiritual words are related to “breath of life” — even the word spirit is related to breath–respiration, expiration. Ancient societies seemed to know that spiritual awareness rides on the breath.

So a Psychic connects spiritually to the Universe to tap knowledge about a person’s soul. For some reason, this “works” in a Universe where we are all connected, and our soul seems to imprint itself on the Universe. Think this sounds funny? Keep reading.

Edgar Cayce, the great Psychic of the 20th Century told people that he was reading the impressions of someone’s soul to read their medical histories and get diagnosis. Sylvia Browne has helped police stop crime. Even the Dalai Lama has an oracle and many American Presidents have Psychics.

“Am I Psychic?” | Why We All Psychic

Just look at the animal kingdom and see how “psychic” your cat or dog is–how they know when you’re coming home, when you are sick, well, etc.

Look at the plant kingdom–scientist have found out that trees “listen” for birds chirping so that they know when to bloom. Scientist have also shown that you can measure changes in plant cells depending on what the plant owner is thinking 25 feet away!

So are us humans psychic? You bet. The governments in US, USSR and China have all done numerous studies. In one study done by the University of Amsterdam, if you measure the emotional response of humans to photos (showing them happy or sad photos), after a while, their response will six seconds before the picture appears!

Humans can do remote viewing and many other psychic skills (remote viewing is psychically connecting to something that is lost to help find it)–once a plane was lost and the government used 2 remote viewers to find it.

Psychics help the military, the police and world leaders every day.

Psychic Abilities | Why they are great

When you use your psychic abilities your are really just connecting with your spiritual inner voice, and whatever you believe is your higher power. It doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Hindu, etc. You are able to tap your own abilties to help people.

In my psychic classes I have students journey on one’s student’s problem. They just close their eyes for a few minutes and see what impressions they get. They always get helpful information!

To be successful at being Psychic it just takes the same things as being successful as connecting with Spirit:

  • being humble
  • being faithful
  • asking for information
  • being self loving and feeling well, eating right

Being more psychic and intuitive gives you a more guided, peaceful life, and it can feel very happy and blissful connecting with spiritual energy as well.


Psychic Readings | What a Psychic Reading Is

In a Psychic Reading, there are two intuitive people in the room. One is the Psychic Reader that gets spiritual information about your soul direction, and the other is you! It is your intuition that “knows” what this spiritual information means and what to do about it.

One time in a reading, someone asked me who their next love would be. She was driving to California at the time. I said I saw a man on a farm, with her helping to farm. I saw him also in a submarine built for four people. (I thought the submarine for four people was peculiar, as I had never heard of anything like this, but shared this detail with her anyway). As it turns out, she was on her way to her ex boyfriend’s house, and he lived on a farm and designed submarines for four people! They did get back together.

Psychic Readings can go even deeper than just predicting events– they can show the “movie” of where your soul is going, and how you would live a more soulful, happier life. That’s really what Psychic Readings are about. There are some beautiful, gentle people that do this work and love to help other people.

I love being a Psychic in the Portland area where there are alot of cool, spiritual folk that love seeing the deeper meaning in life.

Noelani is a guest blogger for How to be Psychic, an online resource for learning to be psychic.



How to Raise Your Frequency Instantly | Psychic Skills


Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic and Guest Author here that does email psychic readings, and Psychic Training.

She makes the seemingly outrageous claim that you can raise your frequency instantly.

Many people are looking to raise their frequency nowadays–there are many reasons to be in “dense” frequency states of feeling fear or anger about the state of the world. However, with new interest in soul awakening many people are actually raising their frequency, attracting higher frequency states of love and kindness.

How can you “raise your frequency?” According to Rodriguez, enlightened states described by most religions start in the body.

“You may have heard of the Bible phrase “The Kingdom of Heaven is inside of you.” This hints at the possibility that Enlightenment starts with a bodily feeling” Rodriguez notes.

“There’s even some hint now that the phrase ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ in its original Greek Translation translates to a “Royal Power” of a “Feminine Gender.” The original phrase “Basiliea Ouranos” is more similar to Royal Feminine Power of the Universe.

This is similar to the idea of Kundalini the female serpent of creative power that represents the soul force in Yogic Spirituality.

In any case, no matter what religion you choose, it would seem that a state of Enlightenment could be found in the body.

Here’s a quick exercise to access your “royal power.” 

1. Take a peaceful moment

2. Take a few breaths

3. Remember a time that you powerfully prayed. Remember the feeling right when you knew your prayer would be answered. This is your powerful state.

4. Choose an undertone of prayer and “power” throughout the day–get more and more of a feeling of your own spiritual power each day.

Good luck raising your frequency!

How to Read the Akashic Records | Akashic Records Readings

What’s all the fuss about Akashic Records about? 

The ancient Hindu concept is that all your soul’s activities are recorded in the Universe. Where? In the ethers! 

Akashic Records roughly translate into “ether.” It is thought that your Soul “writes” on the Universe like a magic marker, making a record of its activity that can be read by a Psychic Reader. 

More specifically, the term “Akashic Records” stands for glowing ether, meaning that the more conscious you are of your Soul and where you want to go, the more you can cause the Universe to “glow” with your intentions and activity. 

Pretty cool huh? 

For more information check out “How to Read the Akashic Records” page by Noelani Rodriguez. 

She’s probably the best author for making psychic concepts simple. 

Have fun writing on your Akashic Records today! 😉


Free Psychic Readings | Free Email Readings

Who gives free psychic readings?

Ok, children, it is time to come around Auntie Remus so we can talk about free psychic readings.

I am a Psychic Reader and sometimes guest blogger for this site “How to be Psychic.”  As a Psychic Reader I get a lot of emails, facebook emails, phone calls and blog comments where people ask questions expecting a free psychic reading. Questions like:

  • When am I going to get married?
  • Where’s my lost pet?
  • What’s my next career?

I don’t want to be unkind or disrespectful, but I don’t give free psychic readings. Let me tell you why:

  • Psychic readings take work; they basically are causing the reader to go into their “wind body” or a slight trance to receive answers. I love the work but readings take time and energy.
  • Psychic readers need balance; if psychics go into their “wind body” too much it can cause illness–the Berkeley Psychic Institute was started to help readers stay more healthy and live longer.

Psychic readings are affordable; I offer email readings for $35 and a mobile phone reading special for $20 for 15 minutes.

Also, readers on hotlines are usually pinned to the phone, waiting for it to ring all night–hotlines can offer free psychic readings for promotions, but you run the risk of talking to sleepy, burnt out readers that have been in their “wind body” too long.

My suggestion, have fun online, including looking for free psychic readings, but know that probably readings should be paid as that assures you a healthy reader, a balanced exchange and the good reading you deserve.


Check out PsychicSource.com for ongoing free psychic promotions.

How to Be a Psychic Medium | Psychic Medium FAQ

You Can Learn How To Be A Psychic Medium

Although many people want to learn how to be a Psychic Medium, there is not a lot of information on how to become a Psychic Medium, that is, until now.

At HowtobePsychic.Org we like to give you articles on how to be psychic, and today we want to address how to become a Psychic Medium.

What is a Psychic Medium?

A Psychic is someone that receives spiritual messages, helping you choose your best soul direction. The word “Psychic” translates to “soul” in Greek. When we get quiet we can hear our own soul “whispering” to us. A Psychic is able to hone their spiritual skills to connect to your soul’s direction as well.

Well, what is a medium? A Medium is like a Psychic “Specialist.” They specialize in connected to your departed loved ones. This is a special calling and although every Psychic uses their intuitive abilities to connect to subtle spiritual messages, a Psychic Medium enjoys and specializes in using these abilities to connect to your departed loved ones.

What is the difference between a Psychic and a Psychic Medium?

A Psychic is a “generalist” that enjoys doing all sorts of readings. The readings can be about health, wealth and love, about more spiritual empowerment, and much more. A Psychic can connect to your departed loved ones spiritually and relay messages that help your soul direction and give you more peace. Spirit is like a web connecting the whole universe, and Psychics can listen to messages from Divine Guidance about loved ones. They can also connected to the departed loved ones themselves.

A Psychic Medium is a “specialist” that really hones the skill of talking to departed loved ones. While many Psychics report that they are connecting with a Higher Power like God or a favorite angel, a Psychic Medium talks to a diverse group of spirits including many departed loved ones. The Psychic Medium enjoys this, and doesn’t mind dealing with themes of death. They usually enjoy “reuniting” families and allowing you to talk to your loved ones.

While a general Psychic is helpful in connecting you with your soul direction, including talking with departed loved ones, a Psychic Medium specializes in messages directly from your loved ones, attempting to give you as many details as possible. Psychic Mediums are also accustomed to the more tender nature of reuniting people with departed loved ones which is a very tender emotional environment.

How do you become a Psychic Medium?

The easy way to explain how to become a Psychic Medium is to say “Ask. Believe. Receive.” You “ask” for the ability to see departed loved ones. Remember that in the spiritual realm, the messages aren’t just coming from you. The departed ones will be attracted to you when they know you are attracted to them. Divine Guidance is also there in the sense that when the Highest Good of everyone is involved, your ability to do Psychic Medium readings will be “blessed” and you will receive the abilities to do Psychic Medium work. “Asking” is basically just being interested in and pursuing being a Psychic Medium.

“Believe” means believing in something that allows you to talk to departed loved ones for others. One Psychic Medium we know imagines a tunnel of light that is 50′ high–she invites departed loved ones to come down one at a time. When she is done she imagines that the tunnel is now closed until the next time. Psychic Visualizations are the way to work with Spirit and the more faith and belief you have the more power your spiritual work will have. Usually new Psychics and new Psychic Mediums experiment, working with the Creator, Angels or other guides to help them connect with the messages of the Highest and Best Good.

How do you get Psychic Protection?

In the invisible world of spirit, there are different levels of energetic beings. There are beings that are connected to us through unconditional love. God or Angels might be beings that fit this category for you. If you are Muslim it is Allah. If you like Archangels often people feel these beings are connected to us by unconditional love.

There are other beings in the invisible world including the departed, or even the thought energy of living others (our thoughts create an astral body). Many cultures and teachings believe that ther is good and evil in the invisible world, and that it is good to have protection. For instance, you might sense an unusually evil spirit sometimes when sensing the invisible world spiritually. Not to worry, protection is just knowing your own power over these invisible spirits and also knowing that you can connect to powerful forces–whoever your Higher Power is. Finally, you have the power of imagination and focus. If you refuse to focus on negative energy, usually you’ll find it goes away.

How do I learn more about how to be a Psychic Medium?

To learn how to be a Psychic Medium we suggest these resources:

Noelani Rodriguez’ ebook “How to Give Yourself a Psychic Reading in 3 Days” is a psychic training ebook that reads like a $1000 dollar psychic training course, and gives you everything you need to start doing Psychic Readings. To get the basics of Psychic Readings we recommend this first.

James Van Praagh is a famous TV medium and is touring around the world lately teaching about how to become a psychic medium. It’s kind of fun to see this lovable and knowledgeable Psychic Medium teaching others about Mediumship. Check out his training dates here.


You’ve made the steps to learn how to be a Psychic Medium to reading and article like this–keep up the good work!


“”How I Manifested It” – Interview about Manifesting at MasterManifesting.Com


This is the coolest thing that has happened in a while, writer Cameron McCool who has written for NineMSN, Quantas, Wall St. Journal and others, has recently launched a manifesting site called Master Manifesting.com.

You might like this new interview with Psychic Reader and best-selling Author Noelani Rodriguez about manifesting, which she calls “spiritual speaking.”

Check out interview here.


Psychic Abilities | The Awesome Power of Relaxation

Interested in Developing your Psychic Abilities?


It can be really easy to develop your psychic abilities. All you have to do is not try too hard.

Have you noticed that you dream at night when you are asleep and fairly relaxed? Psychic abilties are a waking dream.Your “ability to be psychic” is literally, your ability to relax, to receive guidance.

Noelani Rodriguez has psychic training that talks about this awesome power to relax. She offered these reasons why relaxation is so important to psychic abilities:

  • Alkaline vs. Acid – When you are stressed you produce acid in your system (like adrenaline, made of amino acid). When you use your muscles you produce lactic acid. How about when you dream and see images at night? Your system is more alkaline. Have you heard of hallucinatory sacred medicines like peyote and ayahuasca? These are alkaline compounds. When you are working with psychic abilities it helps if your body is relaxed, and alkaline.
  • A Relaxed State – Let’s suppose you have a friend ask you a question, and you want to work with your psychic abilities to divine the answer. You would probably close your eyes, after saying your favorite invocation, and see if you can sense words or images; going on an inner journey. This works best when you are sitting and feeling relatively well and whole. Imagine sitting with a cup of tea, in your favorite chair, in a sweet and relaxed state. This is the best way to feel to do readings. Then again, this is the best way to feel in general.

Try and feel the “pulse” of aliveness inside you, and think of what it would be like to feel your most relaxed.

In that state, practice some of the other intuition exercises on this site.

When practicing intuition, don’t forget to grab a cup of tea and relax.